What keeps human race going?

Do you ever wonder why ,we do what we do, be it our job or work ?What keeps the human race going?What binds us to do our work?

Why do I want to travel?Why do I cook?What is the need to do my job?

What is the biggest purpose behind all this?What is the biggest force behind this?

It is due to the love we have for ourselves , our people and our passions.

I do my job because I want to fulfill my needs and those near to me.This is all because of LOVE that I have for them.I love to travel, cook and click pictures ,that is why I do all these.

Some might say that we do all these because doing them makes us happy.But , in my opinion , many a times we do things which does not make us happy ,but we still choose to do them  because we have to do those things.Sometimes job can not be satisfactory, but we do because we have to do that job.Some of those things can make us happy at the same time.

But the main vital force which keeps us going ,in my opinion ,is love.It gives us all the strength to do our duty ,our job. The biggest irony however is that sometimes it can be our greatest weakness too.


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