The Theory of ‘Scale of’ Everything

Hi folks!

Once more, I am here.This time I am with a theory that might have struck you sometime.

Think about two different scenarios – 

  1. You got a job that you have dreamed of.
  2. You became a father.

In both of the situations you are happy, but in one of these situations (being a father ,for most) makes you happier than other incident.

Now think about a different scenario – On one side is your brother and on the other side is you second cousin, whom you would trust more with your personal matter?

One of your brother and cousin will have your trust more than the other.

Do you wonder why?

Because almost every emotion comes with a scale in this world.

As in second incident, you trust one person more than the other because trust is not a feeling which exists fully or does not even exist.There is a scale of trust, some persons we trust more ,some other persons we trust less, there might be a person whom we trust more than us.

Same goes for other feelings.

Think about it once!

I’m out folks!


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